Defense Against Varicose/Spider Veins


Defense Against Varicose/Spider Veins

Q: I used to be carefree when I wore shorts and bathing suits outdoors, but as I’ve noticed more and more varicose and spider veins appear on my legs and ankles, I’ve become less carefree and more self-conscious.

Can I get rid of these unsightly veins?

Is this a health issue or just a cosmetic one?


A: Yes you can eliminate varicose and spider veins. Varicose veins are a medical problem resulting when the valves in the veins begin to leak.


Varicose and spider veins can be a sign of other health problems and require expert diagnosis and treatment by physicians trained in vascular disease.


Sebastian Conti, M.D., specializes in state-of-the-art diagnosis of circulatory disorders and a treatment emphasis on education, patient awareness and non-surgical therapy. At his office, Dr. Conti thoroughly evaluates the vascular system in the problem area to accurately and completely determine the best treatment. There are several options to eliminate varicose and spider veins. These include sclerotherapy (using a saline solution to clear the smaller varicose veins and the spider veins) and radiofrequency ablation, which closes off larger varicose veins. These are office procedures and very safe.


Varicose and spider vein treatment usually takes about an hour in the office. There is minimal downtime. Often the offending veins disappear after a few days.


Dr. Conti is trained in the proper diagnosis and treatment of varicose and spider veins.If you’ve wanted to do something about your unsightly veins, you can trust your legs to Northern California’s most experienced vein specialist.


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